Hikmat Ayomide ABUBAKAR
(Biochemistry - University Of Ilorin)
Class 10
ISERH Undergraduate Studies course has been educative, entertaining, impactful and informative. It is based on a way to healthy and mental life style. Based on an adage; what is worth doing is worth doing well. Seeking knowledge and using the knowledge is compulsory for human well-being. The free five months course means a lot if added to our way of life and pave way to a successful lifestyle. It all deals with moral, leadership and Entrepreneurship skills. Kudos the management and the facilitators of this course. You all are amazing, for sparing time out your busy schedule to host and make this course successful. May Almighty God continue to shower His infinite blessing on you. The course is mind-blowing and has inspired me . It teaches me to have a good and sound mindsets and to be independent on it also nothing comes easy, you have to work hard to be someone and if you follow the right rules and ways it will be easier.Thank you all for the cours

Romlah Omolara SANNI
(Biochemistry - University Of Ilorin, Nigeria)
Class 10
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a course that will help one develop in a lot of areas. You get to develop physchologically and educationally. They teach entrepreneurship and leadership skills, in fact, it is an eye opener. One has a lot of things to gain positively from this class. It is one of the best initiatives I've come across. My profound gratitude goes to ISERH undergraduate studies for giving me the privilege and the opportunity to go on this journey. I was able to learn, explore, discover and develop a lot of things. I've been able to develop myself positively. It is an honour, I really appreciate everything ISERH.

Maryam Aderonke ABDULAZEEZ
(Crop Production And Soil Science - Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology)
Class 10
ISERH Undergraduate Studies will open your eyes to new possibilities, options, giving you the adequate beyond moment experience and showing you how the world works, leadership role and living role. Turning every opportunity into possibilities that linger on. Thank you for bringing out this side of me that yearns for knowledge and more view to life, ISERH gave me a new tag in my learning adventure likening it to soft skills.

Shukurah Bolatito MAKANJUOLA
(Microbiology - University Of Ilorin, Nigeria)
Class 10
As a Scholar who has recently completed one of their courses, I can attest to the exceptional quality of the education and resources provided.Through this program, I was able to deepen my understanding of the subject matter and develop valuable skills that will serve me well in my academic and professional pursuits. The program was engaging and challenging, yet supportive and accessible. As I come to the end of this course, I am filled with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The knowledge and skills I have acquired during this program will stay with me for a lifetime. I would like to thank you and your team for your dedication and commitment to providing an excellent learning experience. The quality of the program was outstanding, and the resources provided were invaluable in helping me to deepen my understanding of the subject matter.

(MBBS - University Of Ilorin)
Class 10
This is a course I would urge every undergraduate to take as it will help you develop into a rounded person, well built and furnished. Thanks a lot for this great opportunity to get to learn so much from very wonderful tutors. Keep up the good work, God bless you.

Abdullahi Olayinka ABDULWAHAB
(Business Administration - University Of Ilorin)
Class 10
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a FREE online course where African undergraduates and fresh graduates are trained (via telegram ) by professionals, for a period of 5 months (minimum) on leadership, socio-economic, relationship and entrepreneurial skills. The students of the course are referred to as SCHOLARS I want to use this medium to thank all our facilitators for the job well done, and to all the class 10 IUS scholars for taking this course. May God bless us all.

Aisha Ayinke ADEBAYO
(Aquaculture And Fisheries Management - University Of Ibadan)
Class 10
I am so grateful for coming across this NGO and course. It has opened my eyes to so many things that deal with mental health, sexual and reproductive health, living peacefully with everyone irrespective of their tribe or religious beliefs, engaging in valuable relationships and peaceful coexistence between humans. The facilitators did justice to the topics and make sure all the scholars understood the topics being taught.

Khadijat BELLO
(Agriculture - University Of Ilorin)
Class 10
Initiative for a sound education, relationship and Health(ISERH) offers the following courses which cover the below topics; Peaceful Co-existence: (Implication on Nation Building), Understanding Your Sexual Reproductive Health Needs and Right, The Partners You Need, Conquering Stage Fright, Your Future With Drug Intake, Talent Analytics, and Management, Building Career out of given course and among others which are vital topic needed by the youth for a Nation growth and development. I, Bello khadijat would like to thank ISERH for their selfless work in building grooming ethical leadership, visionary entrepreneurship, patriotic citizenship, and diversity-friendly personalities, for African undergraduates, Graduates, and Postgraduates, online 5months of tuition-free with an immersive learning experience. Am grateful for the impactful knowledge gained for this great Organisation. Thank you so much to all facilitators and Iserh as a whole.

Zainab Adeola ADELEKE
(Technology Education - University Of Ilorin, Nigeria)
Class 10
Making a change in one's life does not require using all your resources on the intended person, but it requires giving or sharing with that person the right and valuable resources (knowledge) that will be embedded in him. Hence, the need for ISERH Undergraduate Studies for all and sundry. It is a course that every change maker must obtain for them to make decisions about issues affecting them. ISERH is a nongovernmental organization that is dedicated to building the next world generation with contemporary issues affecting the world which range from Education, Relationship issues, and health-related matters. ISERH is a frontier for reshaping human minds with knowledge facilitated by well-learned tutors in different spheres of field and discipline which are not taught in a conventional higher institution.

Aminat Ajoke BELLO
(Home Economics - University Of Ilorin)
Class 10
ISERH is a pacesetter. It’s an indispensable life manual for everyone out there. The topics discussed shape your view of life and enhance self development. I urge every youth out there to take a bold step of registering for this course. Thanks for the good work ISERH, may Allah continue to bless you all grant your heart desires. Thanks for the prompt reply to our questions and always giving us a listening ear. ISERH is doing well but I only need to add the issue of recording the class session so that those that miss it ir couldn’t stay in class for long due to network issue can always go back to.

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