Zainab Oyindamola KOTUN
(Public Administration - Lagos State University, Lagos,Nigeria)
Class 6
To the world, I want you all to know that this program has been enlightening and life-changing, as it has helped me revisit my priorities and set them straight. If you all happen to find yourself in this program one day, please utilize it to the maximum because the lectures are realistic and an eye opener. I hope you find yourself to be a part of this family soon as ISERH Undergraduate Studies is life changing and not all about certification only. I want to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to ISERH i.e the management, facilitators, coordinators and everyone involved in this great program. The lectures have been educative, insightful and impactful as it has helped me to set my priorities straight and set me on a path of success and goal achievements. To ISERH, please keep up the good work and may the good Lord crown your efforts effectively, as this is life changing for us.

Rofiat Oluwaseun IDOWU
(Economics/Social Studies - Tai Solarin College Of Education Ogun State)
Class 6
A trial did convince me at ISERH Undergraduate Studies - the golden chance I never missed nor misused in becoming the best through the well thoughtout lectures delivered by our exceptional and knowledgeable facilitators. Indeed, my scope of knowledge was broadened and I never remain the same. Join us on this life transforming platform and you will be glad you did. ISERH for Africa! ISERH for the World. Words cannot express my immense gratitude to ISERH at large, because you all are solutions to the world problems. My heartfelt thanks goes to the Chief Servant, Director of Studies, the management, awesome facilitators, ISERH Associate Ambassadors and wonderful scholars. Thumbs up for the enlightening and mind-blowing lectures you dished to us during the studies, your time and resources. More grease to your palms. Long live the mission and vision of ISERH. Up ISERH in Nigeria, Africa and the World.

Omotayo Babatunde ADISA
(Agriculture Economics And Farm Management - Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Nigeria)
Class 6
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a professional course in which someone gets to explore one's mind in entrepreneurship. It makes one an expert in whatsoever one is doing, it also teaches one how to become successful. This has been a great time so far. All thanks to the Director and the facilitators. They have really done a good job. May Almighty God enrich their knowledge.

Samad Aderemi ADEPOJU
(Agricultural Administration - Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Nigeria)
Class 6
ISERH Undergraduate Studies has been the number one professional course that gives me a lot of chances in conquering any academic and entrepreneur problems. It teaches how someone can be self employed and mind explorer. I'm very glad to be among the IUS Class 6. This is the great opportunity for me to study this professional course because of the entrepreneur skills that the facilitator has impact in us. So, my first gratitude goes to Director of Studies - Mr lukman and I laud all the facilitators' effort and ISERH.

Ramota RAIMI
(Hospitality And Tourism - Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta)
Class 6
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is an educating and eye-opening course that teaches you all the aspects of life: be it education or skills that will stand as a key of success in someone's life, and show you the way to become somebody in life. My brief message to ISERH as a whole is that may Almighty Allah continue to bless the Founder and all the members of ISERH for passing the knowledge to the youth.

Class 6
People should learn from the great program called ISERH Undergraduate Studies, and I assure you that you won't regret it. May God bless you all for the wonderful job weldone to make sure some of us were able to participate and acquire knowledge in this program. Almighty God will reward you all for your volunteering work.

Aisha Dandiya ABDULMUMIN
(Mass Communication - Kwara State University Malete)
Class 6
I will really like to advise the world, most especially young males and females to try and become a part of ISERH Undergraduate Studies to gain more education and be mentally wise and prepared for their future. It has been wonderful being in this amazing program and I am surprised it's been 3 months already. I Know I missed some assignments and Facebook engagements because of my busy schedules but I won't be sad if my name isn't on ISERH graduating list. I will gladly take on the 7th Class. God bless ISERH.

Nanpyal Kudor AUDU
(Mathematics/computer Science Education - Federal College Of Education Pankshin)
Class 5
Learning from ISERH Undergraduate Studies helps you understand how to view and associate better in the world. The training was indeed wonderful. More strength and wisdom to the course facilitators and the entire management.

(Linguistics - University Of Burundi)
Class 5
ISERH Undergraduate Studies helps to know how you can build your future, polical domain, etc. ISERH educates the good leaders on how you can lead the nation. Social domain, ISERH gives a good education to the youth, how the youth can behave himself, and to build a good relationship with others without discrimination based on gender, ethnic group, coulor, age, etc. Economic domain, ISERH teaches how you can demare your projects,and achieve your goal. I would like to thank all the Directors and facilitors of ISERH. You had thought for the future of the youth of Africa. First, you gave us the facilitators who devoted themselves for our good. Second, you sharpened our mind, knowledge. Third, you helped us on how we could build our future. Forth, we thank you how you provided the lectures that consequently changed many youths. In brief, we thank you so much. You are the good parents.

(English - University Of Burundi)
Class 5
The course was of a great importance. It was enjoyable by the fact that teachers were experienced enough by teaching what they are living in, even through out their testimonies. The course was/is well equiped with lessons that cover many fields that we come across in diffrent circumstances of our daily life. In ISERH Undergraduate Studies, any question is welcomed by trying to find solutions being together . It is a platform which is well organized because it has rules that must be followed, which I appreciated. I really thank ISERH for the initiative to create this platform. It helped me in many ways by the fact that I am knowledgeable in many fields due to different topics you delivered on. I'm pleased to see Africans like you who have such an initiative of awakening people in general, particularly the youth. This shows us that Africa will be a powerful continent, because of abundant mineral ressources at our disposal. What is left is to raise our conscience in order to look at how we can combine our efforts.

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