Ridwanulahi Lanre LAWAL
(Banking And Finance - Lagos State University)
Class 4
There is no gainsaying that this platform has given us the privilege to understand the basic things around us. Religious tolerance remains the best I learnt in this program. The platform has been able to remodel most of us. ISERH Undergraduate Studies has given hundreds of people the opportunity to roam in the realm of knowledge. The Institute has made impact in the lives of youth around Africa. ISERH is changing the world.

Daniel Abiodun OLUWAYIOSE
(Accountancy - Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti)
Class 4
Words alone can't express how grateful I am for the opportunity received from ISERH. The course was not just free but loaded. Thanks to the minds behind the scene.ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a course every potential leader and person that seek success and relevance should take. It's inspiring, educative, expository and loaded. I encourage you to grab your copy if the opportunity comes your way.

Islammiyat Oluwaseyi JIMOH
(History And International Studies - Lagos State University)
Class 4
ISERH is one of the best organizations in terms of discipline and strict rules for those who are intentional about success. The lectures by different facilitators covered the various spheres of life, in order to make one a better person, preparing us for the labour market, and also equipping us with the best toolkits in becoming a good leader, accomplishing greater success in academics or in whichever career we have chosen, imbibing in us the importance of hardwork in relation to religion and many more. Thank you for refining me...

Mutiat Abiodun ADELAJA
(Accounting - Lagos State University)
Class 4
I love to appreciate our Facilitators for helping us in building our strength, facing our fears and treating us as a family. I pray God continue to give the backbones of ISERH the strength to continue the good work. ISERH is a blessing to young generation and I know it will continue to be. The world needs to apply for this course because there is no other one like ISERH. ISERH helps in acquiring interpersonal skills & experience. She helps young generation mentally, emotionally, socially, educationally and psychologically, not forgetting the area of entrepreneurial development. You wouldn't want to miss this golden opportunity and no family is as accommodating as ISERH.

Esther Abimbola SUNMONU
(Industrial Chemistry - Obafemi Awolowo University)
Class 4
I hope someday I would also have the opportunity to teach others and impact lives as ISERH Facilitators did for me. ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a form of school that concerns with the enlightenment and development of African youths. ISERH is an institute that gives you information that will prepare you for life beyond the four walls of college. And without doubts, I admonish youths to apply for ISERH IUS, and become well-rounded Adults and Leaders. I would like to thank ISERH management for accepting me to be a part of Class 4. It's been great and I learnt a lot from the class. Lessons ranging from communication skills, leadership skills, team work, discipline, determination, time management and even punctuality in classes. Seriously, it's been fun and educative. Special thanks to all my facilitators.

Olatomide Blessing OJAJUNE
(Forestry And Wood Technology - Federal University Of Technology,Akure)
Class 4
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a wonderful programme I will beseech, mostly the youth of nowadays, to enroll for. It has helped me, not just once or twice, and it is still helping me . Additional knowledge is never a waste of time. You may feel you don’t need it, but you can still assist a lot of people out there. The modules are rich and points are buttressed with life experience examples. You can ask questions at will. Take this course and get ahead of your peers.

OluwaFunmilola Bilkis OLOYEDE
(Marine Science - University Of Lagos)
Class 4
I have really learnt a lot, and it will help me both in School and after School. God bless ISERH! The topics being taught will be very useful in your day to day activities and everyday life, most especially as a graduate or an undergraduate.. I encourage everyone to take the class seriously when they apply and get admitted.. It would get tough has time goes on because you will have to be online on Saturdays.. But trust me it is worth your time

(Biotechnology - Modibbo Adama University Of Technology Yola Adamawa State)
Class 4
ISERH, a wonderful avenue for a boy to become a man. The organization that clears the path for African youth. I personally owe you a lot and I will redeem that by being a good citizen of Africa, and do my best to be of service to humanity. Thank you ISERH. Youths out there, here is a platform where you shall be given wings to attain your choiced heights. You have to give ISERH a try, and you will not regret your move

Oluwaseun Olamide OWOEYE
(Biochemistry - The Federal Polytechnic, Ado - Ekiti)
Class 4
Hmmm, when I saw the link, at first I thought it was a scam until I gave it a try... But my try is now a blessing. ISERH and associates conjoined with the facilitators had impacted gold into us, a life-long impactation we can never get from institutions where we pay. Word is not enough to thank you. I'll ensure that I made use of the lessons and also impact others. I will urge those who'll like to apply for the next class, do not be hesitant to do, never listen to those word that can pull you back, if you do, you've just lost gold{s}. Be focused, comport yourself, listen to messages, apply the rules and I'm sure you'll surely succeed.

Ibrahim Alie MANSARAY
(Mass Communication - Fourah Bay College University Of Sierra Leone)
Class 3
I like to start by appreciating the staff and management of the Initiative for Sound Education Relationship and Health for their wonderful work. Had it not been for their efforts in actualizing this dream, I may not have stood the chance to acquire the kind of knowledge they imparted in me. The idea that led to this establishment is a laudable one, which every humanitarian should support. My heart felt admonishment is going to ISERH for the continuity of such adventure amidst challenges. The world should know that the Initiative for Sound Education Relationship and Health (ISERH) is doing a very great work. The world should therefore, see reason in funding this young but proactive organisation as, it is geared towards empowering young professionals around the world.

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