(Financial Services - Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM))
Class 3
Indeed the change of Africa lies in the hands of we - Africans. ISERH is one of the greatest contributing factor towards building the capacity of African youth to be self reliant. The course is extremely interactive and well structured, which everyone in the world will be inspired to part of. I have gained a lot of experiences in relation to education and entrepreneurship and lot more, which I am proud of today. From July 6th to date I have learnt a lot from what you've thought us. However, your work had clearly shown how productive you want African youth to be. I will always be part of raising the flag of ISERH to reach the four corners of the world.

Tarawallie AMADU
(Community Development Study/ Agriculture Science - Milton Margai College Of Education And Technology)
Class 3
The course was so great, inspirational, and understandable. It's a great opportunity to be part of this wonderful undergraduate study. My message to the world is that ISERH is the number 1 African online program where there are lots of benefits and opportunities to gain. After the graduation, I will do my best to pass on the knowledge to my fellow youths, friends, and community people in Sierra Leone.

Sumayyah Adedola ADEYEYE
(Islamic Studies - Crescent University, Abeokuta.)
Class 3
This platform has been one of the best I have come across. It really has motivated me way more than I expected. Despite personal challenges any individual had to face, it has inspired us all. Helping people indirectly to build up their lives is the best thing one can ever offer. Thank you so much and God bless.

Abdullahi Olaide IBRAHIM
(Chemistry - University Of Ilorin)
Class 3
It was a great opportunity given to me under the umbrella of ISERH to be among the distinguished scholars of this course, and to learn from them. I say a big thanks to the stakeholders of this organization. Having said that, I want to suggest if we can take it to various universities across the nation for more young people to be reached and benefit from this course. Thanks to our great facilitators.

Olaitan Esther AJETUNMOBI
(Chemistry. - Lagos State University.)
Class 3
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a life transforming, enlightening and educative platform. It covers all the necessary topics an undergraduate needs. ISERH keeps up the good work, keeps building and training resilient, resourceful and effective leaders. This platform is impacting lives and giving back to the society. ISERH is going global and doing more for humanity. The world needs more selfless and passionate Individuals like Mr Lukman Alawode, who is ready to render selfless services to humanity by building and impacting young leaders to becoming great individuals. Thanks to our Facilitators.

Titilayo Yemisi ADEWUMI
(Biochemisty - Kwara State University)
Class 3
This is a great platform that has enlightened, not only Undergraduates and Fresh Graduates, but people over the world. This Undergraduate Studies Course is a very good one. I am so happy to be a participant of the program, because it has inculcated in me, knowledge and information needed to be successful in life.. I would love if the program is extended to secondary school students. Let's take advantage of this opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Khadijat Omokhuwa BRAIMAH
(Animal and Environmental Biology - University of Benin)
Class 3
My message is simple: if you want your life to have a 360 degree positive turn around, put in for this tuition-free course and pray towards being offered an admission. it really changed my life, my mindset, my perspectives about a range of issues. Taking this course has been one of the best decisions i have ever made. Wow, what else can I say!? The lectures and facilitators are absolutely amazing, and I must really commend the level of organization put into this. Thank you for giving me and a whole lot of young people out there this opportunity. I can not wait to be an ISERH Associate Ambassador.

Paul Oluwatimileyin OLATUNJI
(Aquaculture And Fisheries Management - Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta)
Class 3
ISERH is an NGO that picks up the responsibility of affecting African youth positively. In my personal view, I know ISERH is going places. My message to ISERH is to extend her tentacles to many more countries so that they will benefit from this life-changing program. If need be, a platform that can accommodate more people than WhatsApp should be used in reaching out to lots more young people. Without exaggerating, the courses have been impactful. They are life-transforming courses. Through the courses, I have been transformed into a better person. God bless ISERH.

Sodiq Opeyemi IYANDA
(English Education - University Of Ilorin)
Class 3
thank you is a magic word, but it's not enough to appreciate the value ISERH has added to the lives of participating scholars. I can only say, ISERH is the best. I hope ISERH will document all lectures and include slides for future reuse and training. Scholars have been trained and retrained on courses that include, but not limited to: peaceful coexistence, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence and stability, social media influence, understanding purpose and living a purposeful life among other measurable courses. These courses are engaging and educating.

Chukwuemeka Daniel ONYEANUNA
(Agricultural Economics - Federal University)
Class 3
This course is not just theoretical but practical. It is what the world needs to change the mindset of the African youth. Thanks for this amazing program. It was informative, educative and the facilitators delivery of the course was exceptional.

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