Nurudeen Muhammed ABUBAKAR
(Quantity Surveying - Ahmadu Bello University)
Class 5
I'm using this opportunity to invite all ambitious people whose growth in their career is of paramount desire to enrol for this tuition-free program. I will like to appreciate ISERH management for their vision in setting up a platform where people come together to acquire and share knowledge. My thanks will not be completed without appreciating our selfless facilitators for taking their time to prepare and present articulate presentions, and also answer questions in convincing ways. It's at this juncture I will also like to appreciate my amiable scholars who made the class interactive. A big thank you to all stakeholders that made the course a boom.

Mubarak Adesola ZAKARIYAU
(Biology - Federal University Of Technology Minna)
Class 5
I will like everybody to be part of this great platform, where you'll learn about education, leadership, socio-economic issues, relationship and entrepreneurship in the comfort of your room FREE OF CHARGE. I'm very glad to be part of this wonderful platform. It really helps a lot. I hope ISERH continues the good work by educating great minds in Africa. God bless ISERH, God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa.

Osasu Festus ERHABOR
(Human Resource Management - University Of Benin)
Class 5
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is one of the programs I recommend for our youth. ISERH is building leaders that will make the world a better place. The few months of the training had been so intriguing. ISERH, thanks for making the program accessible at no cost and also thanks for the effort in making sure Africa is a better place for Africans and beyond. God Bless ISERH

Class 5
ISERH is a non-governmental organization and a frontier at building a nation by teaching undergraduates series of life coaching skills with zestful and unending passion. ISERH is constituted by well-learned tutors and ambassadors forming an association with sophisticated teaching materials, coupled with enthusiastic and optimistic teaching emotion. I found ISERH has one of the channels to expanding my horizons and be relevant while adding values to individuals in my community, school,and the world. The only way I can say thank you to you (ISERH) is to go out there to make a positive impact to the world. Thank you for taking me through a journey of guided learning. I know who I am and I can only affect my generation with what is inside of me, with what I have learnt, read and still learning. Thank you for adding values to my life. ISERH has given me an orientation to the right path, it has given me a direction, with this one should hope for success at inclination. Thank You.

Oluwabukola Christianah ADEMOLA
(Nutrition And Dietetics - Federal Polytechnic Of Ede)
Class 5
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a very good, eye opening course. It is a very important course that I believe that if everyone can participate in it, it would change the world. Giving better understanding about life and environment. I so much appreciate the ISERH facilitators for their eye opening lectures. The lectures were really good and I have learnt lot of lessons from them.

(Animal And Environmental Biology - University Of Benin)
Class 5
Every youth around the world should be more interested in being informed in several topics relating to our life, future, rights and so on. These courses are too much for free, even if they're been paid for, you can't get these knowledge in one institution anywhere. I'll love to thank the management of ISERH for a job well done. For putting in all efforts to make this generation of youths more acquainted and informed in all ramifications of our life. It was a beautiful ride these past months and I must say it was WORTH IT!

Christian EMMANUEL
(Mechanical Engineering - University Of Maiduguri)
Class 5
They said knowledge is power, but I was in doubt of this saying. Passing through this course opened me up to understand what it means by knowledge is power. Thank you all for the energy you all put into it. I learnt a lot. Thank you once again.

Theophilus Bukunmi ADEBAYO
(Educational Technology - Lagos State University)
Class 5
I really appreciate the efforts of the management, for bringing me to the limelight of knowledge, making it clear that education is beyond speaking and writing but knowing that paying attention to instructions is key! It was really an educative period of 5months. Many still need to experience this amazing opportunity. You need to enroll for this course. Thanks to all the facilitators for the insightful lectures dished out to us. A BIG THANK YOU ❤️

Naymat Temitope IBRAHIM
(Health Information Management - School Of Health Information Management Lagos University Teaching Hospital)
Class 5
Make use of every opportunity, don't procrastinate. Indeed, the pandemic period seems very hard especially for Nigerians but many have achieved a lot including me. A very big thank you to ISERH for such a great opportunity. All the lectures received have really improved me in every aspect of my life. I really appreciate ISERH. God bless ISERH.

(English And Literary Studies - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
The world is ours and ISERH is making it worthy of living through this course. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend this Program, not only to those who desire to learn progressively, but also those who aspire to become effective with their knowledge in a diverse sphere of life. It is a privilege to be part of the beneficiaries of this initiative and to interact with various minds across Africa. My vote of thanks goes to ISERH facilitators, moderators and founders. Bunch of thanks to you all. I really appreciate this opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with pundit scholars across Africa.

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