Winnie Peace ROBERT
(Agricultural Economics And Extension - Modibbo Adama University Yola)
Class 12
The course is something every undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate should take. It opens ones eyes to a wide range of things you won't be taught in school. ISERH touches every aspect of life that moulds scholars into good citizens and ambassadors. Thank you very much for this life changing opportunity to reshape my life. The classes I attended at ISERH have changed my perspective positively on how I see life, how coexistence should be, how to be diligent, how resourceful I can be and how to be a person of integrity.

Opeyemi Boluwatife ADEYANJU
(Microbiology - University Of Ilorin)
Class 12
The course is really educative, transformative, inspiring and beneficial in so many ways. Thank you ISERH for amazing lectures and discussions! I learnt a lot and benefited from your courses! Thank you! I am very thankful to be a part of the ISERH Undergraduate Studies Class 12. Thank you so so much for your passion for educating. I feel so lucky to have found the just-right-challenge between pushing me to be better, encouraging me, and inspiring me. Thank you so much ISERH.

Adam Oluwaseun QAMARDEEN
(English And Literary Studies - University Of Ilorin)
Class 12
Let’s learn to help without expecting anything in return because Heaven blesses those who help. ISERH has to be emulated. They help a great number of people without anything in return. God bless ISERH. I extend my gratitude to ISERH for giving me the opportunity to be part of this program because many applied, but few were chosen. Don’t stop the good work, ISERH. I’ll make sure I put in action all what I learnt in the program.

Adedayo Ayomide ADEDEJI
(Microbiology - University Of Ilorin)
Class 12
I will like to use this opportunity to appreciate the organisers of this program. It has been of great influence to my thought, ideas and reactions to things. To make the world a better place we all have to work together...

Ayisat Ayomide SOGBAMU
(Agriculture - University Of Ilorin, Nigeria)
Class 12
The courses are superb and the facilitators are good at it. Their explanations are precise and well understood. Though I had some challenges but I was able to move over it. I learned lots from the courses. To the facilitators and ISERH at whole, thanks for the privilege given to me to partake in the program. It was an educative sessions.

Barakat Titilayo ALADE
(Health Education - University Of Ilorin)
Class 12
Through my training, I've learned from vast repositories of human knowledge evolving with each interaction to better serve and assist.The courses learned pave paths to enlightenment. ISERH to the world!!! Thank you so much ISERH

Joy Oluwafunmilayo ABODUNRIN
(Microbiology - University Of Ilorin)
Class 12
Undergraduates must take ISERH Undergraduate Studies! A ground-breaking and creative course. For visionary individuals and leaders, it is a place of growth. Thank you for this opportunity, ISERH. Expressing gratitude to ISERH for granting me the opportunity to acquire, undo, and acquire again. I'm grateful to the Director and Facilitators.

Rhoda Oluwafunke SAMUEL
(Biochemistry - Kwara State University)
Class 12
Sexual reproductive health needs and rights are essential to maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The course on Understanding Sexual Reproductive Health Needs and Rights is a great way to learn about this important topic, and to understand how to make informed decisions about your health. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about their rights, their health, and how to advocate for themselves. I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to learn about sexual reproductive health needs and rights through your course. The information and skills I gained have been invaluable, and I feel more confident and empowered to make informed decisions about my health. I hope that you continue to provide this important education to others, so that more people can benefit from your knowledge and expertise. Thank you for all you do!

Akanji Yahaya YAHAYA
(Agricultural Science - Al-hikmah University Of Nigeria)
Class 12
ISERH Undergraduate Sudies is a 5-month program that involves intensive and extensive training. It immerses one learning experience by empowering undergraduates and fresh graduates on Leadership, Social-corporate learning, Relationship and Entrepreneurial skills. This course is fully delivered online and made convenient for every individual to participate. No any form of racism here, be it any tribe or culture, you are all welcome and entitled for this awesome course. Thanks ISERH. The ISERH Undergraduate Studies really helps me a lot in areas of leadership, Social-corporate, relationship and entrepreneurial skills. This wonderful program really educates me on what kind of partners I need in my life, how I can coexist with heterogenous people in any environment I found myself in life, staying away from the practice of drug abuse and rape - 'Self defense most especially the female gender'. Thanks to the organisers. I really appreciate your tireless effort. One Love from here.

Ahmed Damilare ADEBAYO
(Political Science - University Of Ilorin, Nigeria.)
Class 12
ISERH is the best place at learning all things including sound health, healthy way of living, reproductive and reproduction lessons, relationship lessons and educative lessons. ISERH educates us and guides us on the best way to live and interact in the society. It teaches how to connect with other people, how to form healthy relationship, the right way to communicate information, how to live peacefully with others and lot more. ISERH is also a non-governmental entity. I would like to use this opportunity to appreciate the entire management of ISERH for giving me the opportunity to be among the students who benefited and learned a lot from the class starting from the first class till now and the future. I would also like ISERH to know this is a "win win win" position, a win for ISERH for admitting me, a win for myself because I have unlearned, learned and relearn, a win for the society as I will implement what I have learnt for the general good of the society.

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