Adeola Marvelous ADEPOJU
(Educational Management - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
All the courses undergone under the platform were well facilitated and well delivered. I will like everybody out there to also grab this opportunity to learn freely from Gems. Remember that this life is all about learning. The day you stop learning is the day you start dying. I tender my gratitude to the originator of ISERH and its facilitators. God will increase your knowledge. Long life ISERH

Taoheedah Kehinde ABDULKAREEM
(Biochemistry - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
ISERH Undergraduate Studies lectures have been inspiring ones. It is a course everyone who is intentional about their personal development should go for. The course has enlightened me more about life generally, and I am glad to be one of the Scholars of IUS. I am really grateful to the facilitators and organizers of ISERH. It is a job welldone on the part of the team members. Thank you for training me about things I have not been familiar with, all this while.

Olatilewa Ayomide ADESOGA
(Marine Science - University Of Lagos)
Class 5
I am grateful for this opportunity of interacting with over 200 scholars from different African countries. Also grateful to have been able to take lectures from all the wonderful and intelligent facilitators. I have surely learnt more that I expected and I am very grateful for the experience. Thank you so much ISERH and God. Actions always speak louder than words; as you live your best self, others will also be inspired to do the same. Share yourself, your talents and your gifts in whatever way you can. Also, learn to think outside the box, have a generous heart and go beyond your boundaries. Don't forget that what you do and how you do it set an example others will follow, whether you know it or not. Thank you.

Emmanuel Adedamola ADEDIRAN
(Microbiology - Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta)
Class 5
Every African needs to go through this course. Words can't express how much they'll benefit from it at no COST. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to better myself. I'm really grateful and would forever be indebted to you.

Ibrahim Tunde ADEBAYO
(Counsellor Education - University Of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria)
Class 5
This is a rare opportunity for those that know the value. Everyone should try as much as possible to promote this course and ISERH as a name to the world. Indeed, this is a great service to the Humanity. God bless ISERH. I appreciate ISERH for this great opportunity. Thanks and God bless.

Oluwaremilekun Aanuoluwapo ADERIBIGBE
(Microbiology - University Of Illorin)
Class 5
With what I have learnt from ISERH Undergraduate Studies, I will use it to give values to other people. I won't be selfish. I will build myself to be a better person or a role model in the society. A person worth emulating. I will use what I have learnt to change the world in my little way and God will help me. I want to appreciate the people behind ISERH for bringing in such platform for students to help us grow mentally, physically and for boosting our knowledge. I will like to say you all should continue the good work you are doing and God will bless you abundantly.

Sekinat Adenike SAKA
(Education And English Language - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
This institute has improved my life for the better and expanded my horizon, because most of the topics that were treated on this platform are life skills that are not likely to be taught in the four walls of the university, but are very important in order to survive in the larger world . During this period, I have learnt about commitment because, I wasn't able to stay committed in order to complete a lot of things that I dabbled into before enrolling for the course. I want to use this medium to give kudos to the Organizers and Initiators of this amazing, interesting, worthwhile initiative. The journey so far has been amazing. I also want to thank all the facilitators who made easier, the understanding of all the core and elective courses on the platform . I'm writing not to flatter but to express my sincere gratitude. In all, the lectures were eye-opener and they were amazing.

Oluwatobi Peace OLUWATADE
(Accounting Education - LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY)
Class 5
This course has helped me gain access to my true self and also helped me restrategize my plans. I am happy that there's an organization that truly cares about the education, relationship and health of African youths. The facilitators did justice to all the topics. I'm glad to know ISERH. Thank you for all the insightful lectures received.

Elizabeth Blessing IBIROGBA
(Business Administration And Management - Federal Polytechnic Ede)
Class 5
If 80% of the world listen to the life changing lectures of ISERH Undergraduate Studies, I can vouch confidently that the world will become a better place to live. I will advise every purposeful and ambitious person to register whenever registration is on. I can assure, they will get more VALUES and their lives will never remain the same. ISERH is Blessed! The Founder, Executives and all Facilitators are AWESOME. Most times whenever I'm listening to a lecture, I ruminate on their efforts. I had asked myself times without number why they would be doing such great thing (IMPACTING LIVES) for free. Their commitment and relentless effort WOW me. Saying "THANK YOU" to ISERH is an understatement. Well, I'm sure God will reward them bountifully down to their generation. THANKS SO MUCH. I did not take this opportunity for granted.

Moses Kehinde ADEWOLE
(Educational Management - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
This is one of the best organizations in terms of discipline, rules and regulations, for those who want to make it in future. All the IUS's lectures by various facilitators cover the topics very well and also equip us with the best toolkits in becoming a good leader in future, and accomplishing greater success in academics, and in whichever career we have chosen, imbibing in us the importance of hardwork in relation to religion and many more. Am happy to be a student of ISERH. My message to ISERH is that I've learnt a lot and it will help me both in school and outside the school, even in the future. I encourage ISERH to keep working on the project. It should not be limited to only Africa but all over the world, so that it will help people, mostly graduates and undergraduates, and also they should be giving more assignment instead of lecture. It will help people to gain more knowledge and understanding about the project. Long live ISERH.

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