Mariam Omodasola ALABI
(Mass Communication - Kwara State University)
Class 5
ISERH is an educative organization that deals in imparting Africans with Sound Education, Relationship and Health as the name implies. The organization has impacted hundreds of people and it's still impacting with necessary knowledge required for personal and societal improvement. For more enquiries, you can search for it online and see information about it or visit the official Facebook page via the link: It's a great opportunity for me to be privileged to be part of this course. Thank you so much ISERH for the opportunity. I have learnt, understood and discovered a lot. God bless ISERH.

Halimat Adebukola BAMIMOSU
(Quantity Surveying - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
I am a scholar of IUS Class 5C, I guaranty you that you won't regret enrolling for this course. It's quite challenging because of the timing and tolerance for limited or no excuse, but if you make use of the lectures in the right way, you won't regret it. Give ISERH Undergraduate Studies a try and receive a one time opportunity to a life opening lectures. With ISERH, I'll be a better youth. I don't know how best to express my gratitude to the entire management and facilitators of ISERH, most especially the Director of Studies. ISERH has done a wonderful job in delivering lectures and making impacts. Thank you for the opportunities given to undergraduates, God bless ISERH.

Khadijat Omosola BAMIMOSU
(Mathematics - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
I implore everyone out there to take ISERH Undergraduate Studies course, as I'm sure that it will make you a better person! The beauty there is that, it is totally FREE. My sincere appreciation to ISERH for giving me the opportunity to be extraordinary among my peers, through the acquisition of insightful knowledge. I have also promised myself to implement the knowledge acquired to the letter, and as well impart others with it.

Al-Maruf Taiwo FATOLA
(Medicine And Surgery - Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria)
Class 5
The world needs as many of Initiative for Sound Education Relationship & Health (ISERH) as it can get. ISERH will help reorientate the people, especially the youth, and they will be better off. You need to be an ISERH Scholar to comprehend what I am talking about. Thanks to ISERH for the opportunity given to me to be part of class 5. I know that I've been greatly impacted. I will continue to put to use, everything I have learnt here, forever after. Thank you.

Iyanuoluwa Olabisi ALUKO
(Political Science - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
Wow! The course has been a great one. I was able to learn a lot in few months and it provided knowledge that is useful in actual context of work. I enjoyed all the classes offered. They have really helped me to understand so much about life generally and relationship with people. A very big thank you to ISERH and all facilitators for the knowledge instill in us, right from the day we started the class, it has been a wonderful experience so far. Thanks so much. God bless ISERH.

(Mathematics - Lagos State University)
Class 5
ISERH is an organization that consists of selfless people who want to enlighten others about different tools they would need to be successful in life. ISERH is one of a kind and so are the teachers. I feel this is a course that should be grabbed without thinking twice. It is priceless and really wonderful. The experience is amazing and you get to increase your network. I thank you again and I hope in years to come, the whole world will know about this wonderful institution called ISERH. I want to use this opportunity to thank you for the priceless knowledge you have passed across to me. I hope to spread this knowledge to others and tell them about ISERH too. Thank you and God bless you all.

(Business Education - National Open University)
Class 5
I will like to implore prospective undergraduates that this is a life-time opportunity, which they should take, and they will never regret taking up the course. It's really insightful and they will gain a lot out of it, let's move out of our comfort zone to learn something. A very big thank you to all the management and staff of ISERH for organizing such a platform where students can gain extra curricular knowledge. On behalf of the class 5 scholars, we say: THANK YOU.

Isiaka Isaac NASIRU
(Science Laboratory Technology - Kaduna Polytechnic)
Class 5
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a great platform with grades. ISERH teaches you things you are/were not taught in your institutions. ISERH makes your Saturdays so important for you, you wouldn't want to miss any lecture. It adds more to your intelligence. Thanks to ISERH and its facilitators. Thanks to the Founder of ISERH Mr. Abayomi Abdulraheem. God Bless ISERH, God Bless NIGERIA. Thanks very much to ISERH for given we, the youth of Nigerians, this greatest opportunity to learn more about what we barely learn from our various institutions. I learnt so many things I will make sure I follow in my journey. Thanks to all ISERH facilitators.

Adetomiwa Isaac FOWOWE
(Law - Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko)
Class 5
This is a course you would not want to miss. The things taught here is beyond whatever that would be taught within the four walls of any lecture room. Join ISERH Undergraduate Studies today and you would never regret doing so! I have never met an institution like ISERH before, and I'm extremely glad I met ISERH. Thank you ISERH for the immeasurable values you have instilled in me. God bless ISERH!

Zerubbabel Anujesu ANIFOWOSHE
(Accounting Education - Lagos State University)
Class 5
The course was overall enjoyable and educative. I learned many things that developed my skill, self confidence, and also learned to adapt with people around me. I wish ISERH could create more awareness to more countries at large (both in Africa and all other continents).

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