Farohiyat Morenikeji SULAIMON
(Library And Information Science - Kwara State University Malete)
Class 5
You need to know the kind of information ISERH shares to the world like educating, orientating, encouraging, motivating us towards embracing, understanding and respecting others and their views. Thanks to ISERH for setting this up and encouraging us with her program. Appreciation to all facilitators for impacting and sharing their individual knowledge with us.

Abdullah Olalekan AZEEZ
(Animal Health And Production Technology - Federal College Of Animal Health And Production Technology Moor Plantation Ibadan)
Class 5
The five months tuition-free course was really a wonderful one that I even wish not to finish again, because of what I do gain from each of the classes held. I wish to advise Africans to enroll for the next Class, so that we can move Africa to a grater height together. I really appreciate the efforts of the facilitators and ISERH executive management at large, for imparting knowledge into the youths of Africa. I pray Almighty God bless you now and always, increase your knowledge and enrich your pockets. Thanks to you all

Obinna Victor NNOROM-DIKE
(Microbiology - University Of Nigeria)
Class 5
IUS course is explicit and full of values. The facilitators are seasoned professionals from different professional backgrounds. I advice everyone coming across this message to apply for this FREE course and you will be happy you did. I want to thank ISERH for this great platform and for the opportunity to be part of this class. The last few months were being amazing, impactful and an awesome learning experience. To all the facilitators, I say a very big thanks for taking out your time to share with us. I will put all I have learnt into practice. Cheers

Tajudeen YUSUF
(Microbiology - Igbajo Polytechnic, Igbajo, Osun State)
Class 5
IUS is an online course that I will over and over recommend for all graduates and undergraduates to partake in. So good so far, I've vastly increased in my existing knowledge since I enrolled for the ongoing Class 5 of this program. Thanks to all ISERH management, facilitators and IAAs for doing an impressive, interesting and fantabulous work. Thanks and regards. I must thank Lord, for giving me and other scholars opportunity to be among the chosen ones, out of thousands of applicants. It's not by our power but what Lord has destined. Secondly, my unalloyed appreciation goes to the founder of the prestigious "INITIATIVE FOR SOUND EDUCATION, RELATIONSHIP & HEALTH (ISERH)", may Lord Almighty continue to bless more all his endeavors in life. Lastly, to all ISERH management, you are all acknowledged and I pray Lord will bless you all.

Margaret Eniola MOSEBOLATAN
(Mass Communication - Osun State Polytechnic, Iree)
Class 5
Learning never ends and opportunity comes but once. Studying as an ISERH Scholar through ISERH Undergraduate Studies has really opened my eyes to so many things and really changed my perspectives as an individual. ISERH has really built me on how to relate with myself, people around me, and my community at large. I would beseach you to join IUS today and learn more, identify yourself, and know your purpose. A big thanks to ISERH. It has really been a great time to participate in ISERH Undergraduate Studies Class 5. My appreciation goes to the Chief Servant, all ISERH Directors, Facilitators, ISERH Associate Ambassadors for taking out of their time to build a better Scholar for a better Country and for a better purpose. Learning more all the time is really a great benefits to me. Live Long ISERH.

Kaothara Inioluwa BALOGUN
(Statistics - The Polytechnic, Ibadan)
Class 5
ISERH Undergraduate Studies Course remains top of the best things to happen to me this year. I look out for a wider coverage and acceptance of efforts made by this organisation towards making our world better. Social change makers remain one of the most reliable sources to make a better working system in a continent like Africa, struggling to gain her stand and develop in all regards. ISERH been a body set up to see the growth, development, networking and many more functions among the African countries is a highly commendable organisation. I hereby, with so much regard, appreciate the brain box and every individual that has contributed to the growth and success of this organisation. God bless ISERH. I hereby implore the world to support every social change making move so as to help make a better system.

Foday BAYO
(Biology - University Of The Gambia)
Class 5
I owe ISERH a whole lots for the fact that she has increased my awareness with life changing ideas and knowledge. My respect for humanity has also grown to a larger extent, after meeting and mingling with diverse people from different African countries as well as the facilitators. I've been giving to my community but will increase to give more to inspire and transform more lives for good. To the world, especially my African brothers and sisters, we have all it takes to be the persons to change the narratives. One should join ISERH for sound educational awareness/stimulation, and I believe that you'll never regret. The impact she has on the lives of her scholars is huge without much ado. To ISERH, thanks to the provision of sound education to the young to change the story in the near front.

Mariam Omodasola ALABI
(Mass Communication - Kwara State University)
Class 5
ISERH is an educative organization that deals in imparting Africans with Sound Education, Relationship and Health as the name implies. The organization has impacted hundreds of people and it's still impacting with necessary knowledge required for personal and societal improvement. For more enquiries, you can search for it online and see information about it or visit the official Facebook page via the link: https://facebook.com/iserhnigeria It's a great opportunity for me to be privileged to be part of this course. Thank you so much ISERH for the opportunity. I have learnt, understood and discovered a lot. God bless ISERH.

Halimat Adebukola BAMIMOSU
(Quantity Surveying - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
I am a scholar of IUS Class 5C, I guaranty you that you won't regret enrolling for this course. It's quite challenging because of the timing and tolerance for limited or no excuse, but if you make use of the lectures in the right way, you won't regret it. Give ISERH Undergraduate Studies a try and receive a one time opportunity to a life opening lectures. With ISERH, I'll be a better youth. I don't know how best to express my gratitude to the entire management and facilitators of ISERH, most especially the Director of Studies. ISERH has done a wonderful job in delivering lectures and making impacts. Thank you for the opportunities given to undergraduates, God bless ISERH.

Khadijat Omosola BAMIMOSU
(Mathematics - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
I implore everyone out there to take ISERH Undergraduate Studies course, as I'm sure that it will make you a better person! The beauty there is that, it is totally FREE. My sincere appreciation to ISERH for giving me the opportunity to be extraordinary among my peers, through the acquisition of insightful knowledge. I have also promised myself to implement the knowledge acquired to the letter, and as well impart others with it.

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