About IUS

About IUS

Consequent upon reports of the prevalence of suicides and drug abuse amongst young Africans, as well as the needs to groom them for ethical leadership, visionary entrepreneurship, patriotic citizenship, and diversity-friendly personality, Initiative for Sound Education Relationship & Health (ISERH) launched ISERH Undergraduate Studies (IUS) to build the leadership, social-corporate, relationship, and entrepreneurial skills of African Undergraduates, Graduates and Postgraduates admitted for the tuition-free 5-month duration course.

ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a 5-month immersive learning experience, that empowers undergraduates and fresh graduates on Leadership, Socio-corporate, Relationship, and Entrepreneurial skills. All Modules are delivered fully online by our highly-profiled Facilitators, alongside Course Videos, Worksheets, Case Studies, and other Supporting Resources. At the end of the 5-month course, every participant who meets the 75% course completion, 50% Facebook participating rate, and carries out a Capstone Project report shall be conferred with the title of ISERH Associate Ambassador (IAA) and also gets the ISERH UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES certificate, amongst other benefits.

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