Mariam Opeyemi AKINOLA
(Nursing - ECWA School Of Nursing)
Class 5
This course is an eye opener to pressing issues in the society. Lectures range from education to health to relationship. ISERH Undergraduate Studies is the right place to be. I want to say a very big thank you to the ISERH family (Chief Servant, Director of Studies, facilitators, IAAs). The lectures are great as they did justice to pressing issues in our society. Thanks to you all. God bless ISERH

Aliyu Aliyu ADAMU
(Botany - Ahmadu Bello University Zaria)
Class 5
ISERH is a body of highly educated and intellectual beings. You will never regret partnering with them. I am appealing to all and sundry to help in one way or another in educating people just as ISERH is doing. Education is the key to success. I'm short of words to express myself. It has been a great experience and rare privilege finding myself amongst the participants. I pray that ISERH succeed in its endeavors. Thank you

Taofeeqoh Abisola AJAYI
(Science Laboratory Technology - Osun State Polytechnic Iree)
Class 5
ISERH is an organization formed to contribute positively to the lives of youth on how to relate, intellectually, in their immediate community. Their courses have really changed a lot of bad mindset of youths, and made them view life from another angle. Their courses make people realize who they truly are, what their passion is, and make them set their goals and works towards achieving their dream. All thanks to the facilitators, Board of Directors, and all ISERH officials. May God bless ISERH

Latifat Adejoke YUNUS
(Science Laboratory Technology - Osun State Polytechnic Iree)
Class 5
ISERH is an organization that has imparted knowledge positively to the progress of young graduates, how to relate socially and culturally, responsibly and intellectually in the environment they find themselves. I urge everyone reading this that it is never a mistake you find yourself in the great platform but a great benefit and opportunity as it talks about the facts of life. Ensure you partake and do your possible best to participate and expect a growth in mind and thoughts. My utmost appreciation goes to the founder of ISERH for giving me the privilege to be amongst ISERH scholars. Also, my appreciation goes to the facilitators for the insightful lectures delivered. I learnt everyday from their lectures.

Mariama SARR
(English Language - University Of The Gambia)
Class 5
Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health is a body that helps youth in Africa to build good careers, to help in their personal development and health related issues, through education by conducting online classes on whatsapp with wonderful facilitators. ISERH might be an African based but is worldwide in a broader sense, because it does not just limit itself on issues concerning Africa but the world at large (humanity). Thank you ISERH for your great generosity! I, as a Scholar, greatly appreciate your willingness and sacrifices towards us.The classes I underwent will help me or any other individual who took part to further our missions in life. Your teachings are so valuable to us. Thank you again for your relentless efforts and not forgetting our noble facilitators for giving out the best they can, during lectures.

(English Language And Literature - University Of Burundi)
Class 5
For the course itself, I would like to call upon the world to browse through the ISERH link on facebook and other social platforms to read and see its works and achievements, in order to recognize their efforts. The world should also think higher to the importance of ISERH in order to support the studies. The world must also know that success is not religious. I would like to recognize the initiative of ISERH Undergraduate Studies for its comitment and effort to brighten and enlighten the world in general, and us as Scholars of ISERH, in particular. To train and inform us in different disciplines that make the life in the worldwide. I also recognize the time and efforts facilitators of ISERH used to fulfill their mission. Thanks again.

(Mental Health - Burundi University)
Class 5
ISERH Undergraduate Studies is an online learning platform for African undergraduates and graduates. It offers to scholars, professional comp├ętences at no cost. It transformed me enough and I am very glad of all I got from this. It's an insightful and informative platform. Thanks a lot to ISERH.

Abdulqudus Adewoye BANKOLE
(Education And Islamic Studies - University Of Lagos)
Class 5
This course is indeed an eye opener, for it awakens the consciousness of African youths. I strongly believe that anyone that takes this course will be exposed to knowing many things that affect his/her environment. I'm highly grateful to the leadership of ISERH Undergraduate Studies for they've indeed impacted knowledge through this program and I say God bless you all.

Abigail Temitope IDOWU
(Science Laboratory Technology - Osun State Polytechnic Iree)
Class 5
ISERH is a non-governmental organization that's based in Ilesha Osun State. Founded by Mr Abdulahi Abdulraheem. It's an organization that builds youth and teenagers to become good leaders. It helps promote sound education, leadership development and psycho-social supports. I'm encouraging youth and teens to participate in ISERH Undergraduate Studies course because, many opportunities and benefits are attached to it. It will make us know more about our society and prepare us for a brighter future. #ISERHreignsforever. I'm Scholar Idowu Abigail. I really want to appreciate ISERH for this great opportunity to be part of this course. Starting from the Founder, Core courses facilitators, elective courses facilitators and the IAAs. They are really doing great jobs, dedicating their time and data to building young scholars. May God reward you all abundantly. Words enough can't describe your works. #longliveiserh.

Ebunoluwa Anne AJIBOLA-AJO
(Optometry And Vision Science - University Of Ilorin)
Class 5
ISERH is a platform for impacting knowledge into young Africans. I will recommend this course for any young undergraduate and even graduate. This program will help reset your mentality, keep you on your toes and also make you disciplined. This will help mould you and there's opportunity to learn a lot of things and ask questions. You'll get to interact with students within and outside Nigeria, and also get to learn from experts in their various fields. I'm sincerely grateful to ISERH for this opportunity. This is one of the best things I invested time in during this pandemic. The lectures were top notch from very expert lecturers. To the entire ISERH team and management, I say thank you for this platform. I've had the opportunity to learn and relearn a lot of things. ISERH is doing a great job impacting young Africans and I pray that God strengthens you all and continues to bless you. Thank you very much ISERH.

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