Scholar Fatoumatta Konteh, a Nursing Student of American International University, Gambia, brought 39 of her junior colleagues together on Thursday, 23rd of September, 2021, to discuss the topic 'The Partner You Need', in partial fulfillment of the requirements to graduate from ISERH UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES CLASS 7.

It was an interactive session with her junior colleagues as she made a brief introduction about her self and what the ISERH Undergraduate Studies is all about and its purpose. Later proceeded to the introduction of the topic at hand "The Partner you need". This was anchored by asking the participants opinions and deep understanding of who a partner is. She had several brilliant answers. To catalyse and strengthen their responses, she gave her definition of a partner, referencing from what she learnt from Mr Saheed Olayemi who facilitated the class during her studies. She explained to them, as newly undergraduates, that they need to select their partners wisely in school, as any bad choice could influence their behavior and lead to the poor performance in their academic course. She quoted from the definition of a partner that they need partners with whom their target goals and aspirations are in line and working towards achieving the best in life. The fact that they have students from other countries and even those who are citizens attending the university, gave her the privilege to talk about how important it is to have a better social partner . If they are so much into exploring and playing, it will affect their grade, and life is worth more than that. She further explained more and later gave them the questions so to as reflect , that if they are able to answer these questions it would be easy for them to identify the partners they need: 1. How many intimate friends do you have? 2. How are they impacting your life positively? 3. How do you also contribute to their life? 4. Who are those intimate friends to you? 

Having successfully implemented this project, she has hereby fulfilled a part of the requirements expected of her to graduate and get inducted as an ISERH Associate Ambassador, and if all things being equal, she shall have unrestricted access to the resources available on the Ambassadors Portal - starting from Sunday 5th of December, 2021, immediately after their convocation and induction ceremony on the designated platform.

ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a FREE online course where African undergraduates and fresh graduates are trained (via telegram ) by professionals, for a period of 5 months (minimum) on leadership, socio-economic, relationship and entrepreneurial skills. The students of the course are referred to as SCHOLARS, and upon the fulfilment of 75% attendance rate, 50% facebook engagement rate, filling of online graduation form, and implementation and reporting of capstone project, they get convocated and inducted as ISERH Associate Ambassadors. 

From all of us at the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH), we say 'Congratulations to you' and as well give credit to Mr. Saheed Olayemi who facilitated the training of our scholars on 'The partner you need' 

Signed: Luqman Alawode, 
Director of Undergraduate Studies


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