Nov. 5th 2019 was an interesting day for the pupils of Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary School - Kissy Up Hill, Freetown/Sierra Leone, when Scholar Amara Koroma, a 300 level Financial Services Student of Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), brought ‘Success Is Not Religious’ talk to them, in fulfilment of the requirements to graduate from ISERH Undergraduate Studies Class 3.

He started by defining success. He talked about having a goal, a plan, implementing the plan and finally achieving the goal – which is referred to as success. He gave them practical examples that matched their level of understanding. After looking at success, he then defined religion. He spoke on the concept of spirituality, and that spiritual beliefs do not make one either a success or failure.
Having successfully implemented this project, he has hereby fulfilled a part of the requirements expected of his to graduate and get inducted as an ISERH Associate Ambassador, and if all things being equal, he shall have unrestricted access to the resources available on the Ambassadors Portal - starting from Saturday 30th of November, 2019, immediately after their convocation and induction ceremony on the class platform.

ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a FREE online course where African undergraduates and fresh graduates are trained (via whatsapp class) by professionals, for a period of 5 months (minimum) on leadership, socio-economic, relationship and entrepreneurial skills. The students of the course are referred to as SCHOLARS, and upon the fulfilment of 75% attendance rate, 50% facebook engagement rate, filling of online graduation form, and implementation and reporting of capstone project, they get convocated and inducted as ISERH Associate Ambassadors. This gives them unrestricted access to ISERH Ambassadors Portal ( where they can freely have one-on-one chats with a group or individual Ambassadors and their facilitators, have access to internship, fellowship, jobs adverts; audio/video lectures; books; and lots more.

From all of us at the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH), we say 'Congratulations to you' and as well give credit to Ms Alabi Omolara Olutayo Beembz who facilitated the training of our scholars on ‘Success Is Not Religious’.

Luqman Alawode,
Director of Undergraduate Studies


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