OWN YOUR FUTURE Initiated By: IAA Kawthar Balogun


ANCHORS: 1. IAA Abdul afeez Abdulfatai Olalekan 
                    2. IAA Abdul sobur Adebayo Aderemi
                    3. IAA Kawthar Inioluwa Balogun

The introduction of the day's talk was done by IAA Abdulafeez, where he did a brief introduction of the organization (ISERH) and also that of the topic. The program was regulated by IAA Abdul Sobur. 
Thereby, calling upon IAA Kawthar to take on the talk.
She started by picking a student to tell what he understands by the word "Future", The student said future means "Tomorrow". 

Then, three major points were highlighted and briefly discussed which are:-
1. Be visionary
2. Acquire knowledge
3. Face your challenges upright.

>>> Your plans for the future begin right from when you were a child since you started admiring a profession and wanting to be like them. Do not settle for less and make sure you have a high level of set goals. Backed up with the saying "Shoot for the moon, if at all you don't hit the moon, you'll land on the stars".

>>> Never limit yourself to acquiring knowledge in just a field of your life. Knowledge is wide, seek as many as you can, you never can tell when it will be useful for you. A randomly acquired knowledge today can be your peak walker tomorrow.

>>> It is only a part of life to face challenges in different phases of our lives, right from being a child. You must have encountered one thing or the other that might look like a limit line. Giving up should never be an option for you, you try until you achieve your goals. Sighting the example of having to fail a class, your next line of action shouldn't be to quit school, but rather to face that challenge and come out of it as a better student.

A summary of the presentation and overall rounding up was done by IAA Abdulafeez, as we promised to be back in the school as soon as possible and take them on talks consecutively.

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