How Do I Confess? Raphael Johson IKHAZ (Class 3)
Thursday 05 Dec 2019

How do I confess I have been hopeless?

How do I say this? It's crazy for an adult like me in my late 30's to publicly declare my plans are not working.
It is very difficult to say... What do my aged parents think of me? How do my 8 months old daughter perceive me? My wife how does she even cope with me when I can hardly foot the diapers bill of our baby?

It happened that in my University days, I was very optimistic. High spirits! There was anything I hardly couldn't do
From the nails to the roof, from the smooth to the coarse, from the boat to the ship, great and small things I was so skillful. Just like the Bible portrayed Lucifer! It saith all Beautiful things was he made with... That is exactly how I was although I wasn't proud. 
I had so many ladies running after me... My lectures daughters who comes visiting must have somehow sensed my intelligence. But I kept myself like Bro Joseph in the Bible.
But nobody told me i was deceiving myself not to have understood campus life is the opposite of life outside the university.

I was totally disillusioned!
After graduation and serving as a corp member, I had over 33 different awards and recognitions.
These are enough for me to sit and not work! They were actually valuable.

7 years after I am still in search for a good Job!
How on Earth is this happening? I have gone from valleys to mountains! From Churches to Mosques to Everywhere!
They kept saying I have a brighter future than I have ever known.

Then why is this happening?
I have a secret I must disclose now (Throughout being a student I never involved myself in Malpractices) who can say? The most supreme being might be angry because I did and has decided to punish me!

It's a week to my birthday and I have made a lot of commitments and promises.
14th Day of December I will be 39
I have a baby and a wife, expectations everywhere!

How do I confess I have been hopeless?

Nobody taught me 
Nobody did exposed me to how life outside the university is, I would have prepared so hard never to depend on my certificate.

Isn't it too late for me to retrace my steps?
But again, I am hopeless!!!

Life outside the university is not same as being there! You need to be aware of this and harness yourself!

Eventually I went back to my family, I confessed I have been hopeless all the time! They gave me the motivation I needed and today! I earn a 5x figure and I have a business I run!

Even with all you have!
Three things you mustn't leave your home each day not moving with!

Having Faith
Having a great each day Motivation and
Being Focused!

You will get there!
Delay is never denial if you have these three!

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ABDULSALAM Jemilat Alaba (Class 1)
Dec 07, 2019

Thought provoking

IKHAZ Raphael Johson (Class 3)
Dec 08, 2019

Thanks IAA Jemilat

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