The Juicy Part You Should Not Be Missing Abdurasheed HAMSAT (Class 4)
Saturday 13 Jun 2020

I am often asked the question “Why did you join ISERH?”

It’s probably the question that every Associate Ambassador is asked most often and it’s an easy one to answer. Everyone gives a different answer — and for a good reason.

There are so many answers I myself could give: “To make a difference”, “Join an intellectual community”, “To give something back”, “Get mentorship and superb network”.

But the truth is, I really wasn’t sure if I even wanted to be an Ambassador until I’d experienced it first-hand.

I’d considered a number of other paths: JCI, Rotaract, etc. I obtained experience in each of them, and each experience helped me refine what I wanted from a career.

I went into my experience days at school looking for a career that offered me variety and a chance to have a long-lasting positive impact on the future (a tad grandiose, I know) but what I came away with was the realization that it was all about the people. What I wanted was a community with a sense of community, and after seeing the relationships between the ISERH facilitators and the students, and generally how friendly, enthusiastic and supportive everyone was, it confirmed to me that it was something I would like to be a part of.

I had my degree in Mechanical Engineering and I have more than forty different certifications and still counting. Ranging from Subsea installation in the oil and gas sector, farming (in various niches), Engineering design, Personal development (Public speaking, HR management, PMP, etc), to digital skills (such as copywriting, vlogging, Instagram and email marketing, etc). I currently run an initiative

The integrated approach is taken at the teaching class, where one day per week is dedicated to training, and the other days are dedicated to networking and interacting with on Facebook, appealed to me. As well as this, I liked the way facilitators were initiated into the school effectively as an Associate ambassador to Ambassadors, and how they were given opportunities to get involved. 

If you are considering as an undergraduate, a high performing network, and mentorship. Be assured of the value of learning experience days that I have offered.


Abdurasheed Hamzat is a creative content director with experience in managing teams and Social Media campaigns. Reach me at or

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CONTEH Sani (Class 4)
Jun 13, 2020

You said it all bro, ISERH undergraduate is one that worth not missing because the ingredients embedded in it are valuable to your personal and professional development. To crown it all, at ISERH your way of thinking is shaped and behaviours which is one of the requirements in life.

HAMSAT Abdurasheed (Class 4)
Jun 13, 2020


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