What Do You Know About Perception And Personality? Sodiq Opeyemi IYANDA (Class 3)
Sunday 08 Dec 2019

I had the privilege to attend the #TEDxLagosStateUniversity tagged #ThePoint sometimes in May. I met new people, I stared at finest faces and marveled at the level of awesomeness that defines all the speakers present.
They all shared their sterling stories of exploits, challenges, good days, and summary of their woebegone days. 
Despite the potency and energising themes in all the speakers' messages, one caught my attention and resonated the most. And these were the words of Marquis Adejoke, an International Arbitrator. 
She painstakingly discussed "point of view", to mean personal perception. That's, how someone sees something devoid of another person's opinions. She went even further to classify individuals based on their perceptions into four; 

1. Forgers
2. Buyers
3. Borrowers 
4. Tool Keepers. 

Are you a Forger or Borrower? You'll get to know soon! Stay tuned!

As you read through, chew on the fact. 

Personal perception in a way, determines our attitudes, convictions and behaviors. It should be recalled that, personal perception is said to be how you see things devoid of any other person's opinion.  
The first set of people on the individual classification based on personal perception are the #Forgers.

Forgers are the highest risk takers, because their perceptions spur them to always innovate. These set of people have capacity to get overwhelming results. They are the CEO of corporate and big organizations, they are the likes of Bill Gates, Ali Baba, Dangote and so so. 

Second people are the #Buyers
Buyers are no risk takers, they're consumers. They prefer to play safe and remain on average or above the norm. These set of people are in a way rooted to their comfort zone. 

The third people are the #Borrowers.
Borrowers are copycats. They do not innovate, or take personal risk. They live below average of the standard of living scale. Unfortunately they also bear burden of the forgers unknowingly.

The fourth people are the #ToolKeepers
They're refining workforce. The smart brains. They're not as worst as borrowers or buyers, but because they take forever to unleash the forger traits in them, they stay at the bottom. They bear calculated risks and not personal risks.  

From the above, I leave you to read and make judgements. 
What class do you fall to? Where do you belong? 

It's not too late to get yourself promoted to the class that fits your personal perception. I put it to you, let your perception leads you to where your purpose would be identified and needed. 

Yours purposefully,

Sodiq Opeyemi Iyanda
Your Purposeful Journey Friend.
(ISERH Associate Ambassador)

For more clarifications and further discussions, mail me on: ibiduniiyandalawal44@gmail

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