Scholar Iradatullah Aderonke Ajayi, a 300 level Crop Protection student of Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, was on the 20th of March, 2021 gathered her fellow students at Labis Court Hostel (FUNAAB) to discuss with them; HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP: A TIP TO A SUCCESSFUL LIFESTYLE, in partial fulfilment of the requirements to graduate from ISERH Undergraduate Studies Class 6.

In her words: 'Falling in love is easy, relationship takes a lot of hardwork. It takes more than love to sustain a relationship. In short, healthy relationship is a broad term because what makes a relationship thrive depends on the needs of the people in it'. She comprehensively explain each of the few key signs to flourishing relationships: Open communication, Trust; Interdependence, Curiosity, Time Apart, Playfulness or Lightheartedness, Physical Intimacy, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution, etc.

Having successfully implemented this project, she has hereby fulfilled a part of the requirements expected of her to graduate and get inducted as an ISERH Associate Ambassador, and if all things being equal, she shall have unrestricted access to the resources available on the Ambassadors Portal - starting from Sunday 6th of June, 2021, immediately after their convocation and induction ceremony on the designated platform.

ISERH Undergraduate Studies is a FREE online weekly class which has a module already developed for the 5 months course duration with highly profiled facilitators to teach each of the module's topics. At the end of 5 months, every participating undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate who meets 75% rate of assignment done, submitted and graded; 50% facebook participating rate; carries out and duly submits his/her Capstone Project reports shall get inducted as ISERH Associate Ambassador. This gives them unrestricted access to ISERH Ambassadors Portal ( where they can freely have one-on-one chats with a group or individual Ambassadors and their facilitators, have access to internship, fellowship, jobs adverts; audio/video lectures; books; and lots more.

From all of us at the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationship & Health (ISERH), we say 'Congratulations to her' and as well give credit to Mrs. Ikimat Salawu Yusuff for facilitating the training of our scholars on ‘Healthy Relationship: A Tip to a Successful Lifestyle’.

Luqman Alawode,
Director of Undergraduate Studies

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